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Engine Identification

Check block numbers on pad forward of LH cylinder head (cyl 3). Under 53000 approx is 1500 open deck. Above this to 151000 is 1500 closed deck. Above that is 1700. If followed by an S the engine was installed originally in a Sonett.

This applies to US market delivered engines ONLY.


An oil high in ZDDP (an anti-wear additive) is recommended to preserve the V4 engine internals.

Chip Lamb of West of Sweden recommends Brad Penn. If you cannot find a local distributor, it can be ordered online by the case.

An alternative to Brad Penn is to use a can of BG MOA with every oil change using an oil with high ZDDP or equivalent numbers should be fine. Shell Rotella is right up there in a 15W40.


Oil Pressure Sending Unit
The thread pitch is 1/4"x 18NPTF
Use Napa part #OP6090. Part #OP6615 is also the same thread except it has the screw type terminal instead of the blade type.