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The second-generation SAAB 9-3 was launched in January 2002, at the North American International Auto Show for MY2003. The second generation 9-3 was based upon the GM Epsilon platform which it shared with both the Cadillac BLS and Opel Vectra. The 9-3 was available in SportSedan, Convertible and SportCombi (Wagon) and was produced from 2003 through to 2014.

Changes & Revisions

Saab Central Forum - 9-3 Model Year-to-Year Differences (2003 ->)


Saab 9-3 Aero MY2004
  • Tie-downs for net in trunk gone.
  • Passenger floor mat holders gone.
  • Headlamp washers...pop-up style replaced by permanently raised washers.
  • Locking mechanism for gas cap gone.
  • Dead pedal in carpet gone (only a limited run at very beginning of 03).
  • Different GM-designed gas tank (rumour)
  • Aero now comes in the full palette of colors (instead of just Black, Red, White, Steel Grey & Graphite Green)
  • Carpet changed from a berber-type.
  • Ignition switch light gone.
  • Wood trim in Arc is different
  • Upshift light for manual trannies gone.
  • Some unspecified change that resulted in becoming the first car ever to be called the IIHS "Double Best Pick".
  • Colors Midnight Blue, Dolphin Grey, Cosmic Blue gone.
  • Colors Nocturne Blue, Espresso Black, Glacier Blue, Hazelnut , and Lime Yellow (convertable only) added.


  • Linear with 175 HP engine added to convertible lineup for North America
  • Rear Passenger vents in Linear centre console gone.
  • Interior Motion Detection gone, removed halfway through MY2004.
  • Sunroof button different.
  • CRAS indicators go from sewn in to heat-staked.
  • Dash indicator lights different & move around for 2005.
  • Speed dependant Volume (SDV) actually works.
  • Aux-in standard on all models except Linears.
  • No Manual 6-speed, only 5 speed (USA only).
  • Tire Pressure Monitors-gone,
  • Passenger side lumbar support-gone.
  • Navigation added for the US market.
  • OnStar gone.
  • Driver's side door trunk release...no longer illuminated.
  • Storage console in rear centre armrest gone.
  • Moonroof has plastic trim around it instead of black flocking.
  • 'SAAB' embroidered logo on front floor mats gone.
  • Passenger floor mat holders returned.
  • Parchment floor carpet changed so all models have Grey carpet.
  • Colors Espresso Black, Graphite Green, Merlot Red, Hazelnut, Glacier Blue gone.
  • Colors Chili Red, Parchment Silver & Smoke Beige added.


  • Sportcombi Added! (Never available in any shade of white however.)
  • Body coloured door handles.
  • 250bhp 2.8T engine with dual round tailpipes for Aero model
  • Bosch engine management for 2.8T.
  • Stitching on leather shift knob is different.
  • Phone button is now spelled out PHONE instead of the handset picture.
  • Plastic moulding around sunroof is different.
  • Floor mats are different.
  • Aero steering wheel has silver thumb inserts.
  • There is a airbag off indicator on the right side of the instrument panel.
  • 20th Anniversary Edition for Convertible with:

Electric Blue Metallic paint, Electric Blue tonneau cover, Electric Blue interior door trims.

  • Parchment coloured leather sports interior with matching Electric Blue trim lines in the centre.
  • 2.8L V6 and in Aero trim (NA only, ROW had all engine/trim choices)
  • Touring Package (NA only, ROW have as option)
  • Rear spoiler (NA only, ROW have as option)
  • Unique double five-spoke 17" aluminium wheels (optional 18" 10 spoke aluminium wheel in ROW)
  • 13 speaker audio changed to 10 speaker audio.
  • Aero automatic transmission now 6-speed instead of 5-speed.
  • 6 speed manual returns, but only with Aero 2.8T
  • Linear model and 2.0t (175 HP) engine no longer available in North America.
  • Arc model name dropped in North America. Now referred to as 2.0T
  • Garrett turbo previously used in 1.8t and 2.0t from 2003-2005 is no longer used for these engines. All turbos for 4 cylinder engines now sourced from Mitsubishi.
  • Colors Jet Black, Fusion Blue, Arbor Green & Electric Blue (20th anniversary convertible only) added.


  • A new dash!
  • Premium audio is no longer 10 speaker 300W Clarion/Pioneer, but Bose system with 260W and 9 speakers
  • Felt added to door seals, replacing rubber
  • Additional sound damping materials added
  • 60th Anniversary Edition available.
  • Colors Arbor Green & Sapphire Blue gone.
  • Colors Titan Gray (sedan and combo only), Ice Blue (60th only), & Silver Added


Saab 9-3 Aero
  • Exterior refresh!
  • Xenon cornering headlamps
  • Two types of leather now available: leather appointed and natural leather
  • Black leather now optional on all models.
  • 5-speed manual dropped on 2.0T, 6-speed manual and 5-speed automatic only for 2.0T. Aero transmission choices identical to 2006/2007.
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution standard.
  • Late model year introduction of Turbo X with:

2.8T engine producing 280 HP and 295 lb/ft TQ, XWD, eLSD, 18" wheels, Jet Black only,

  • Colors Chili Red, Lime Yellow, & Silver...gone
  • Colors Snow Silver, Pepper Green, Steel Grey (not available in North America, vert only), Lynx Yellow (vert only), & Arctic White (vert only) Added


  • XWD now available on 2.0T. Now standard with Aero trim package. Not available on convertible.
  • Colors Carbon Gray & Glass Gray added.
  • Introduction of 9-3X.


  • 2.8T V6 dropped

MY2012 (Griffin)

Saab 9-3 Griffin MY2012
  • Revised front bumper with new fog lights.
  • Headlights are now blue tinted.
  • 'SAAB' used in place of griffin badge on boot/tailgate handle.
  • New interior trims with bamboo textured leather
  • New dashboard trim with the option of Titan Silver or Cubic.
  • New alloys, ALU 88 and ALU 90.

MY2014 (NEVS)

  • All badges replaced with new style "SAAB" badges.
  • New seats with one pice anti-whiplash head restraint.
  • Only available in Aero trim level.
  • Only avaliable in silver or black.
  • Only available as SportSedan

Audio System

Saab Global Options Guide - Audio


From 2003 to 2006 there were eight options of audio system. These were made up of different combinations of components they included:

  • ES1-4, 70W: Saab Audio System
  • ES1-7, 150W: Saab Infotainment System
  • ES2-7, 150W: Saab Infotainment System upgrade
  • ES2-13, 300W: Saab Infotainment System upgrade
  • ES3-7, 150W: Saab Infotainment System upgrade
  • ES3-13, 300W: Saab Infotainment System upgrade
  • ES4-7, 150W: Saab Infotainment Plus with Navigation and AVR
  • ES4-13, 300W: Saab Infotainment Plus with Navigation and AVR

Amplifier and Speakers

Premium 70 (ES1-4)

This is the base sound system and has four speakers. There are 2 speakers in the outer edges of the dashboard and 2 in the outer edges of the parcel shelf. The system is only powered by EHU (Entertainment Head Unit).

Premium 150 (ES1-7, ES2-7, ES3-7, ES4-7)

This system includes the 4 speakers above plus 2 speakers in the front doors and a centre speaker in the dashboard. This setup also includes AMP 1 which is located under the front passenger seat.

Premium 300 (ES1-13, ES2-13, ES3-13, ES3-14)

This system includes the 7 speakers above plus 4 speakers all in the back parcel shelf (2 treble & 2 bass), and 2 more treble speakers in the dashboard. This setup includes AMP 1 and also AMP 2 which is located in the left side of the boot.


  • ES1 (ICM1) is the base model with no screen, just buttons. Spartan, efficient, clean.
  • ES2 (ICM2) is the mid model and has a monochrome green screen, and a telephone keypad.
  • ES3 (ICM3) is the top level and has a wide-screen colour display. ES4 is the same as ES3, except it includes Automatic Voice Recognition software.


  • CD Player
  • 6 Disc CD Player
  • Boot-mounted CD Player
  • Tel1, pre-wired for handsfree telephone
  • Tel2, Integrated telephone system with dedicated sim card.
  • AUX-In


Model Years Engine and type Displ. Power Torque Turbocharger
1.8i 2004–2009 I4 16V Ecotec 1796 cc 90kW @ 5800 rpm 167Nm @ 3800 rpm None
1.8t 2002–2014 I4 16V Ecotec LK9 1998 cc 110kW @ 5500 rpm 240Nm @ 2000–3500 rpm Low-pressure
2.0t 2002–2014 I4 16V Ecotec LK9 1998 cc 129kW @ 5500 rpm 265Nm @ 2500–4000 rpm Mid-pressure
2.0T 2002–2014 I4 16V Ecotec LK9 1998 cc 154kW @ 5300 rpm 300Nm @ 2500–4000 rpm High-pressure
2.8T V6 2005–2007 V6 24V LP9 2792 cc 185kW @ 5500 rpm 350Nm @ 1800–4500 rpm High-pressure
2.8T V6 2007–2008 V6 24V LP9 2792 cc 188kW @ 5500 rpm 355Nm @ 1800–4500 rpm High-pressure
2.8T V6 2008–2010 V6 24V LP9 2792 cc 206kW @ 5500 rpm 400Nm @ 2150 rpm High-pressure
1.8t BioPower 2007–2014 I4 16V Ecotec LK9 1998 cc 129kW @ 5500 rpm 265Nm @ 2500–4000 rpm Mid-pressure
2.0t BioPower 2007–2014 I4 16V Ecotec LK9 1998 cc 147kW @ 5500 rpm 300Nm @ 2500–4000 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TiD 2004–2014 I4 8V Z19DT 1910 cc 88kW @ 4000 rpm 280Nm @ 2000–2750 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TiDS 2004–2014 I4 16V Z19DTH 1910 cc 110kW @ 4000 rpm 320Nm @ 2000–2750 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TTiD 2007–2014 I4 16V Z19DTR 1910 cc 132kW @ 4000 rpm 400Nm @ 2000–2500 rpm*1
370Nm @ 2000–2500 rpm*2
High-pressure twin turbo
2.2 TiD 2002–2004 I4 16V D223L 2171 cc 92kW @ 4000 rpm 280Nm @ 1500 rpm High-pressure
*1 For vehicles with manual transmission
*2 For vehicles with automatic transmission