NG 900/9-3 Handling Modifications

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Wheels and Tires



Subframe Braces

Subframe braces stiffen the chassis, improve tracking on rough roads, and help allow the suspension to perform better. This is an essential modification for the convertible, and a substantial improvement for other models. Convertibles should use the 6 point brace. Other models can get by with the 2 point brace but will see further improvements with the 6 point.

The braces can be purchased from Genuine Saab in the US. DIY versions are possible, with the 2 point being particularly easy to make.

Installation is straight forward with the braces bolting on to the subframe of the car.

Steering Rack Clamp and Brace

The steering rack is mounted to the firewall using soft rubber bushings inside of clamps. This was a marginal solution on the NG 900, but with the 9-3, a thinner steering rack with thicker rubber bushings was used, and is barely adequate. The steering rack clamp and brace provide a much more solid mounting solution for the steering rack, improving the steering feel and minimizing torque steer.



The steering rack clamp and brace was originally developed by Abbott Racing in the UK. Alternatives can be purchased from Genuine Saab in the US and Elk Parts in the UK. The steering rack clamp and brace is now available from parts for saabs.

Rear Anti-Roll Bar (ARB)

Replacing the rear ARB is one of the easiest and most effective methods of improving the handling of the 900 and 9-3. Mounting a thicker rear ARB reduces body roll in turns, improves stability and traction during acceleration, and reduces understeer. Rollbars of varying thicknesses are available from Genuine Saab. A more inexpensive option is to double up stock rollbars. When removing the stock ARB the stock bolts will more than likely only come off when they snap due to rust and age.

By using two stock ARBs and four grade 8 3/8" bolts and some 1/2" clamps you can cheaply improve you handling.


Additional information about selecting the correct rear ARB can be found on the [Trolltuner site]

Front Anti-Roll Bar (ARB)