NG 900/9-3 Engine Bay Relay Panel

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In the engine compartment, next to the LH strut tower. The lid is attached by plastic snaps and can be removed for inspection and testing easily. The relay panel in its box can be detached with all wiring attached, and swung out of the way, for access to the clutch cable and the power steering line connections at the steering rack.

Fig. 1 - Engine Bay Relay Panel Location


The panel includes relays for the lights, radiator cooling fan, A/C compressor, and on some of the "S" (2.3l non-turbo) models, the secondary air injection (SAI) system.

The orange "relay" is actually an electronic module with circuit boards inside, and can sometimes be repaired instead of replaced.

Fig. 2 - Engine Bay Relay Panel


A  - Low beam
B  - High beam
C  - SAI pump ("S" models only) or Intake air heat plate
D  - Cooling fan, low speed
E  - Lamp test, headlights
F  - Front foglights
G1 - Horn
G2 - SAI valve ("S" models only)
I  - Cooling fan, high speed
J  - A/C compressor
Fig. 3 - Engine Bay Relay Panel Diagram

Part Numbers

A, B, D, J 	  8533176 	 
C 	          9522061 	 
E 	          4109070 	 
F, G1, G2 	  4224192 	 
I 	          9522061 	 
Retaining Clip   4230108


Saab EPC 3A-2310