NG 900/9-3 DIY Rear Seat Cable Fix

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The cable release for the back seat (to fold them forward to open to the cargo area) has a tendency to stretch. These cables are no longer available from Saab, so it is necessary to create another fix. A side benefit of this is that it is significantly cheaper than the cable from the dealership.


The rear seat backs and seatbelt are held in place by the crossbar. If your cable is too tight, the crossbar will not lock into place, and bad things will happen in an accident. Always make sure the crossbar is firmly locked in place after putting the seats back up.



  • Knife
  • Tin snips or strong scissors
  • Torx driver


  • Nylon washer


1. Remove the rear headrests. 2. Remove the headrest inserts by prying the latch on the right side of the inside of the sleeve while popping it out with a screwdriver in the notch in the front of the sleeve. Fig. 1 shows the notch and latch.

Fig. 1 - Headrest insert showing notch and latch

3. Remove the two screws holding the handle of the latch in place. 4. Pry up the piece of plastic that covers the right side of the cross bar. 5. Remove cable from lever on right side. 6. Remove the cable from one side of the latch cable carrier. 7. Modify nylon washer so that it doesn't take up too much slack and thread onto cable.

Fig. 2 - Modified washer
Fig. 3 - Washer, cable and cable cover

8. Put cable back into carrier. 9. Reattach cable to lever on right side. 10. Put crossbar cover back in place. 11. Put screws back into handle.