9-3 Trionic Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) can be read via the 'Check Engine' light after the lamp test (which lasts 3 seconds) when the ignition has been switched on. The reading of flashing codes can be repeated until the DTC memory has been cleared. The DTC memory is cleared by the dealership using the ISAT, but in an emergency can be done by disconnecting the Trionic ECM connector for at least 5 minutes. Note that the ECM will then lose all adapted values.

Reading Codes

  1. Stop the engine.
  2. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine.
  3. After approx. 6 seconds, the 'Check Engine' light goes out for an instant before lighting up again for 3 seconds. This 3 second flash is a warning that the actual flashing code is about to start.
  4. The flashing code consists of a number of short flashes lasting 0.4 seconds. The 'Check Engine' light goes out for 2 seconds between each new flashing code (if there is more than one fault).
  5. After the last flashing code, the 'Check Engine' light goes out for 3 seconds before lighting up again for 3 seconds, after which the flashing codes are repeated. Readout continues in this way as many times as you wish.

Code Table

Flashes    Function
2          Manifold absolute pressure sensor
3          Temperature sensor, manifold
4          Temperature sensor, coolant
5          Throttle position sensor
6          Oxygen sensor
7          Adaptation
8          Purge valve (EVAP valve)
9          ECM, internal fault