NG 900/9-3 Turbo Silencer Removal

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The Turbo silencer is a small plastic baffle that is inside of the pipe exiting the turbo, it poses a minor restriction but is easy to remove. If you are planning on installing the Viggen Intercooler in the future you do not need to remove the silencer since the entire pipe will be removed.

The removal of the turbo silencer makes minimal performance increases, but does slightly increase the volume of noise from the turbo.

Years 2000+ of the 9-3 all use the Viggen intercooler and do not have the turbo silencer.

Turbo Silencer Exterior
Turbo Silencer Interior

Cost and Difficulty

  • Cost: Free
  • Time: 20 min
  • Difficulty: Easy


It is not necessary to raise the front of the car, but it does make it easier to access the pipe. The silencer is located in the aluminum pipe between the turbo and the intercooler, part 3 pictured below. Loosen the circle clamps on each side holding the rubber on and remove the pipe. The silencer is inside and is held in there because of a lip on the pipe. It can be removed by breaking it with pliers and which destroys it, but I choose to remove it intact. I plied up each of the plastic tabs and placed a small nail under it so that the tab was above the lip of the pipe. Once all eight tabs had been raised I could pull out the silencer. When it comes out you will notice a bit of oil on, this is from the turbo and is normal.

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