NG 900/9-3 Spark Plugs

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OEM plugs are NGK, however, any resistor plug with the appropriate temperature range will function properly in these cars. Non-resistor plugs can damage the DIC. Plugs of the wrong temperature range can lead to detonation.

Plug Gap

.9-1mm .035-.040

Compatible Spark Plugs

Known Compatible Spark Plugs

  • NGK BCPR7ES-11 w/stock number 1095
  • NGK PFR6H-10

Likely Compatible

There is some debate over whether non-NGK plugs should be used. Some maintain that the trionic system and DIC are designed around NGK plugs. Other owners have used a variety of other resistor plugs of the appropriate temperature range with good results. Some of the other plugs used by these owners include:

  • Champion RC7YC w/stock number 340
  • Autolite 3922
  • Bosch Super 7556
  • Bosch Super Plus 7956
  • Bosch Platinum Plus ?
  • Bosch Platinum+2 ?