NG 900/9-3 Green Roller

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The green rollers that connect the scissor lift to the window in the front door of the 900 and 9-3 break frequently, usually resulting in the window falling into the window frame. They are easy to replace, and fairly inexpensive.



  • Latex gloves
  • Torx drivers - for removing door panel
  • Pin - to pop out plastic pin on end of door panel
  • Grease
  • Paper towels


  • 2 new green window roller


  1. Remove screws from door panel. There are six total - 1 behind the door handle, two behind the door pull, three at the very bottom of the door.
  2. Remove the plastic retainer above the door latch. With some skill and luck you can pull out the center pin with a needle in order to reuse it. Otherwise it breaks and you get to buy an overpriced replacement from the dealer.
  3. Pull off the door panel with a slight counterclockwise twist to get it over the lock and out from under the under the sail.
  4. Remove the outer foam from the door without tearing it.
  5. Remove the inner foam from the door without tearing it.
  6. If necessary, pry the pins out of the broken green rollers to remove the old rollers from the metal track in the window.
  7. Remove green rollers from window.
  8. Position the window in the tracks and make sure that the weather stripping is correctly positioned.
  9. Slide the window up and down to make sure it is properly seated in the tracks.
  10. Clean old grease out of the window track.
  11. Grease the track and put your new green rollers in.
  12. Use the window regulator to set the scissor lift at a height that you can reach behind the window and press it into the rollers with the heel of your hand.
  13. Pop the scissor lift into the rollers until you get to the first click.
  14. Move the window up and down a few inches to make sure everything is operating smoothly.
  15. Press the scissor lift into the green rollers until you get a second harder, louder click.
  16. Put both pieces of foam back on the door.
  17. Roll the door panel back into position, clockwise.
  18. Position the door panel so that the plastic rivet things line up with their holes.
  19. Press the door panel in place.
  20. Put door handle in position and test it.
  21. Put all of your screws back into place.