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West of Sweden SAAB
Specializes in two-digit SAABs
Call Chip Lamb at 804-357-4926 between 9am and 6pm
MotorSports Sweden
Lots of new, NOS, and good used parts from Sweden
Swedish SAAB Club Spare Parts
More good stuff from the other side of the pond
Motor Sports Service
The best place to go when you are looking for Go-Fast race prep parts for your Vintage Saab
Jack Lawrence, 716 665 4200
Erik Randa's Classic SAAB Parts
Erik makes hard to find reproduction SAAB parts on a limited-run basis.

Other Resources

Suspension Rebuilds

Apple Hydraulics
Highly recommended on the Vintage Saab Mailing list to get all your hydraulic components rebuilt. They can do brake master cylinders, clutch components, and even the lever shocks on a 95.

Interior Fabrics

SMS Auto Fabrics
Recommended by many people as the best source of interior fabric for your Vintage SAAB.