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== Style ==
In order to make the wiki more usable for everyone, please use a clear and simple writing style. Don't use big words when small ones will work just as well. When writing tutorials, assume that the person reading it has no prior knowledge of the process, and include all of the information that will be necessary in order to complete the task.
== Editing an Existing Page ==
== Creating a New Page ==
# Create a link to the new page.
## Select the page that your new page will be linked from. For example, if you are creating a page about the sound system for the OG9-5, a good page for the first link would be the main OG9-5 page.
## Click the edit button.
## Select the appropriate category to add your link to. If it doesn't fit any of the existing categories, it may be necessary to reorganize the categories, or create a new one.
## Create a link to the new page.
### For information on how to create a link, consult this site: [ Links]
## Save your changes.
## You will automatically be taken to the page that you were just editing.
# Edit the new page.
## Click the link to your new page.
## Click the create button at the top of the page.
## Add information to your new page.
## Click the Save Page button at the bottom of the page.