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NG 900/9-3 Suspension and Steering

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=Front Suspension=
[[file:Suspension_Steering_01.gif|thumbnail|none|Front Suspension]]
The NG900 has independent front suspension incorporating MacPherson struts, which are fitted between the steering swivel members and the body and are therefore direct-acting on the wheels. Besides being of compact, robust and reliable design, MacPherson strut suspension also provides good isolation from road noise. The long stroke of the strut makes for excellent roadholding and a comfortable ride. The spring and damper act in the ratio of 1:1 to the wheel.
=Rear Suspension=
[[file:Suspension_Steering_06.gif|thumbnail|none|Rear Suspension]]
The rear suspension consists of a semi-rigid trailing rear axle. Since the car has front-wheel drive, an extremely light and simple rear-axle construction can be used, which ensures that unsprung weight is kept to a minimum. The rear axle consists of two spring links connected by an extruded section acting as a torsion bar. There are two anti-roll bars, one outer bar and one inner bar which is inside the axle. Both anti-roll bars have a diameter of 15 mm.