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<big>'''Please get involved.Help!'''</big>
As a wikiI have implemented some anti-spam measures, the more help we can get from you, the more useful this wiki will be to everyone but there is still some coming in the Saab communityoccasionally. Do you have some technical information that isn't already here? Post it! If you don't have see spam on the time to post itwiki, please send it in an e-mail to and weI'll put take care of it up for you. If you see a mistake in an existing article, hit the Edit button at the top of the page and fix them.
Click [[getting-started|here]] for more information on how to get started with creating and editing pages.
And what's coming up next:
* I'm going to start trying to build out another section. The 9-3SS section gets more traffic than the others, so that will probably be the first choice.
* I would love to get a few people who are each willing to be responsible for building out one of the model sections. If you're interstedinterested, or would just like to help in general, drop me an e-mail at