Last modified on 7 March 2010, at 05:37

Og900 Replacing rear suspension

Replacing the rear suspension, both the springs and dampers, is an easy job which shouldn't take long. This is only one way of doing it.

Tools needed

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Set of wrenches
  • Set of pipes
  • Tire iron

Replacing springs and dampers

  • Lift up the car, put it on jack stands, and remove the wheel on each side.
  • Put the floor jack under the middle of the rear axle, and lift it up so that the jack is holding it's weight.
  • Loosen the bolt connecting the short rod (torque arm) to the rear axle on each side
  • Loosen the bolt at the bottom of the damper on each side
  • Now, lower the rear axle with the floor jack to relieve the springs
  • Now you can remove the old springs, and put in the new.
  • If you're going to replace the dampers as well, you can now loosen the dampers top nut, and replace the damper.
  • When replacing the springs, put the spring in place and slowly lift the axle with the jack. Be careful to make sure the spring is placed as it should when lifting the axle in place.
  • The rest is put back together in the opposite order.

If you for some reason only want to replace one of the springs, you could do this by following the list above for only one side of the car. Instead of putting the floor jack under the axle, put it under the rear wishbone, and lower it carefully.