NG 900/9-3 Valve Cover Plug

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Approaching 100k miles, leaks were found at the plug, the valve cover gasket, and the oil filler tube. The cam end plug seals the opening in the valve cover which is used to attach the distributor on the non-turbo models. It is a common source of oil leaks, just like the distributor shaft on the 900S model. The plug is separate from the valve cover gasket, but if it is leaking, it is best to replace or reseal it at the same time as the valve cover gaskets, because the valve cover has to come off for both jobs.

Fig. 1 - Before and After
Fig. 2 - EPC Diagram Detail

The plug can be either replaced, or sealed with high-temp silicone sealer. Following advice on the Saabnet board, the plug was sealed rather than installing a new one.

a) Original leak (leaking for 6-8 months, perhaps more)

b) Few weeks after quick cleaning, ugly but minimal seepage

c) After plug reinstalled with hi-temp sealer

d) EPC diagram detail

e) Plug clamp and torx screws with valve cover removed

Fig. 3 - Plug and torx screws


There are two different plugs, depending on the model year. Saab EPC and the Haynes manual both show the earlier version. EPC lists both part numbers.

  • Large plug and o-ring: p/n 9169285, 7519143, ('94-95)
  • Plug shown in the pics: p/n 9135211, ('96-98)
  • Torx screw: 7504178 (requires a hollow point torx bit)