NG 900/9-3 Replacement of Sensonic Clutch Actuator With Master Cylinder

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1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and remove the battery.

Removing charge pipe, moving power steering fluid reservoir and unplugging correctors

2. Remove the pressure pipe between the charge air cooler and throttle body and seal the hose to prevent dirt from entering it.

3. Lift up the power steering fluid reservoir and turn it to one side.

4. Unplug the three sensor connectors.

5. Press the connectors out of the holder.

6. Undo the three bolts and lift out the holder.

7. Unplug the CA unit's connector.

8. Unscrew the bolts securing the battery tray.

Remove bolts securing battery tray and clutch actuator

9. Remove the remaining bolts securing the CA unit.

10. Undo the maxifuse fuse box and move it aside.

11. Remove the cap on the CA unit and check that the CA unit's worm gear is in the engaged position (position E). If it is not, rotate it to the engaged position using a torque wrench set for 20 Nm.

12. Drain the hydraulic system.

13. Undo the master cylinder's pressure pipe and collect the two sealing washers.

Disconnecting lines from master cylinder

14. Disconnect the master cylinder's feed hose.

15. Remove the clip securing the pressure pipe to the CA unit's holder.

16. Lift out the CA unit.

Clutch Actuator


1. Correctly position the clutch actuator unit and fit the clip securing the delivery pipe to the actuator unit's holder.

Position clutch actuator and connect lines

2. Reconnect the master cylinder's feed hose.

3. Connect the master cylinder's delivery pipe and fit the rubber dust excluder.

4. Fit the maxifuse fuse box back in place.

5. Tighten the screws securing the clutch actuator unit.

Screw in actuator, secure battery tray and plug in clutch actuator connector

6. Fit the bolts securing the battery tray.

7. Plug in the CA unit's connector.

8. Fit the wiring harness in place, press the connectors into the holder and tighten the holder's three retaining screws.

Connect wiring harness, plug in sensor connectors, refit power steering reservoir and refit delivery pipe

9. Plug in the three sensor connectors.

10. Refit the power steering fluid reservoir.

11. Bleed the system.

12. Fit the delivery pipe between charge air cooler and the throttle body.

13. Put the battery back in place and connect its cables.

14. Drive the car to test and adapt the slip joint.


Important: After work has been carried out on the clutch actuator unit, hydraulic system, clutch, etc., the clutch may exhibit a tendency to snatch. This should normally disappear after adaptation of the slip point.