NG 900/9-3 Removal of Front Door Card

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Time: 30 minutes

Tools Required: Torx Screwdriver - The one included in the vehicle tool kit A selection of flat bladed screwdrivers from very small to large

Note: This describes the procedure for removing the door card from a Coupé. The procedure for the front door on a five door model should be the same but I offer no guarantees.


1) Using a small screwdriver carefully prise out the mirror adjustment switch from the triangular trim piece at the top of the front edge of the door. Disconnect the wiring and remove the switch.

2) Use a wide bladed screwdriver or similar tool and lever out the front edge of the triangular trim - the edge that abuts the A-pillar. This is held in place with two plastic clips. Be very careful as these clips can easily break and are not replaceable. The picture below shows these clips. The trim shown is from the LH door.

Plastic Door Sail

3) Using a small screwdriver carefully lever out the boot/trunk release button and disconnect the wiring.

4) Using a very small screwdriver, or pin/needle, lever out the cover for the screw in the internal door handle and remove the screw behind it.

5) Pull out the door latch handle and disconnect it from the hook that connects it to the latch

6) Using a wide blade screwdriver carefully lever off the outer section of the interior door pull handle. It is hard to remove but don't be afraid to use a little force. (I would recommend starting from the underside of the handle so that any marks do not show)

7) Undo the two screws revealed by the removal of the outer section that fix the door pull. Note: Do not try to remove the door pull from the panel it does not need to be removed to get the panel off.

8) At the bottom of the panel there are 3 metal tabs with screws in. Remove these 3 screws.

9) At the rear edge of the door , near the top, there is a clip. Using a small screwdriver or similar tool push the centre section of the clip inward and carefully lever the clip out of the panel .

10) The panel is held in place by 5 trim clips (see picture below) you have to pull the panel outward to release these clips and then manipulate the panel over the lock button to remove it from the door.

Front Door Card


Reassembly is a straight forward reversal of removal but make sure that the clips are correctly aligned when refitting the panel.