NG 900/9-3 Removal and Refitting of Front Bumper

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1. Raise the car.

Remove Bumper Skirts and Wing Liners

2. Remove both spoiler skirts.

3. Detach the wing liners from the rear of the bumpers.

4. Lower the car to the floor.

5. Open the bonnet.

Remove Grill and Headlamps

6. Remove the grille.

7. Lift the headlamp wiper arms away from the headlamps and disconnect the washer hose which is secured to the bumper by means of clips.

8. Remove the right-hand and left-hand headlamps and light clusters.

Unplug Fog Lights and Temperature Sensor

9. Remove the two bolts securing the bumper to the car body.

10. Snip through the cable ties round the cables for the fog lights and unplug their connectors.

11. Unplug the temperature sensor connector located in the middle of the bumper.

Note: The sensor cable is held in place on the inside of the bumper by means of insulating tape.

12. Lift the bumper away by pulling it forwards so that it comes free from the brackets in wing and front.

Note: When fitting a replacement bumper, transfer the spoiler and number plate as well as the spoiler skirts to the new bumper (secured by means of two retaining bolts).


1. Fit the bumper in place and tighten the two retaining bolts.

Tighten Retaining Bolts and Connect Temperature Sensor

Tightening torque: 39 Nm (29 lbf ft)

2. Plug in the temperature sensor connector.

3. Fasten the temperature sensor cable to the inside of the bumper by means of insulating tape.

Refit Headlamps and Grill

4. Fit the headlamp washer hose to the bumper and secure it with clips.

5. Fit the right-hand and left-hand headlamps and light clusters.

6. Fit the grille.

7. Swing the headlamp wiper arms back into position on the headlamps.

8. Raise the car.

Refit Wing Liners and Bumper Skirts

9. Carefully bend the wing liners back inside the edge of the bumper.

10. Fit the spoiler skirts.

11. Lower the car to the floor.

12. Close the bonnet and check the fit of the bumper.

13. Check headlamp alignment and adjust if necessary.