NG 900/9-3 Instrument Panel Relay Tray

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Behind a plastic panel, a.k.a. "fascia" below the instrument panel. The panel wraps around the side and the interior fuse box, and is held by several torx screws, hex bolts, and two plastic fasteners near the pedals. The plastic fasteners are removed with some difficulty (a center pin locks the fastener in place until pushed in all the way).

Fig. 1 - Instrument Panel Relays Location


The relay tray is held by a single torx screw in the front, and hinges in the rear. Relays are held in by friction, and plastic snaps. Relays having identical shape and color have the same rating, and can be swapped to test. Relay sockets for optional accessories are empty.

Fig. 2 - Instrument Panel Relays


A - Rear seat heater (if so equipped)
B - Backup lights
C - Shiftlock (auto transmission)
D - Rear wiper
E - Ignition
F - Catalytic Converter *
G - Intermittent wipers
H - Rear Defrost
I - Fuel pump
J - Washer pump
K - Starter
L - Fuel Injection 
Fig. 3 - Instrument Panel Relays Diagram

Part Numbers

A, B 	          4224192 	 
C 	          4238234 	 
D, G, I, L, K 	  8533176 	 
F 	          4433322 	 
E, H 	          9522061 	 
Retaining Clip    4230108


Saab EPC 3A-2310