NG 900/9-3 Installing New CV Boot

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Typically, replacing the CV boot involves taking apart the CV joint. This stretchable CV boot is much easier to install, particularly if you don't have access to a proper workshop.

Damaged CV Boot

The boot kit is made by a company called Bailcast and consists of the boot, a sachet of grease and the metal clips to secure the boot. The cone for fitting, seen on the right, was purchased separately but it is reusable. (My local Unipart/Partco had them all in stock)

CV Boot Kit


After dismantling and the front suspension assy. and removing the strut. The old, torn gaiter was cut off and the CV joint cleaned up.

CV Joint Cleaned

The new boot was turned inside-out and the outside of the fitting cone and the inside of the now inverted boot were liberally lubricated - There is a spray made for this, but standard silicon spray is what I used. It is just as effective and much cheaper.

New CV Boot Turned Inside Out

Now came the clever bit. The thin end of the cone was inserted into the wide end of the boot. Then the cone was placed, wide end down, over the handle of a broom. The boot was then pulled, sharply, down over the cone. This was a lot easier than I expected. The boot stretched with very little resistance.

New CV Boot on Cone

The cone was placed over the CV joint and the boot was pushed off the end of the cone...

Fitting the CV Boot

...and onto the driveshaft.

New CV Boot on Driveshaft

The boot was turned back the correct way round and the thin end fastened to the driveshaft, using the metal fastener supplied. The joint was then packed with grease.

Joint Refilled with Grease

The other end of the boot was then fixed and the job was done.

CV Boot Installed

In all I was very impressed with the ease of this system. The purist will say that the CV joint should be stripped and cleaned but if you do not have the tools, facilities, time or inclination to do that, then this is an ideal solution for a quick and relatively painless fix.