NG 900/9-3 Head Unit Removal

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Tools Required

  • DIN removal tools
Head Unit Removal 01.gif

Note: Other objects, such as chopsticks can be substituted for the DIN removal tools. Additional care should be used when utilizing other objects in place of DIN tools.


  1. Insert the DIN removal tools into the holes either side of the unit until you feel a 'click'
DIN Tools in Place
  1. Grasp the the two tools, one in each hand, and push outwards on them.
Push DIN Tools Outward
  1. Keep the outward pressure and at the same time pull on the two tools until the unit slides out.
  2. Unplug the connector blocks, ariel lead and CD cable from the rear and remove the unit from the dashboard.


  1. Reconnect the connectors (they are colour coded) ariel lead and CD lead and slide the unit fully home.