NG 900/9-3 Gear Knob Replacement

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A common problem with the NG900 is the gearknob becoming loose and 'spinning'.

Loose Gear Knob

When this happened to me I decided to replace it with a wooden knob to match the new dashboard I had fitted. Although the replacement knob comes with instructions I have detailed my first hand experience of doing this job so that others can fully understand what to expect when they come to undertake this.


Approximately 2 hours

Tools required

  • Screwdriver
  • Junior Hacksaw
  • Pilers/Molegrips
  • White Spirit
  • Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite or similar)


1) Put the car in neutral

2) Use a screwdriver to pry off the emblem on top of the gearknob

Removing Emblem

3) Using the junior hacksaw. Saw a slit in the knob and remove the outer casing.

4) Remove the tape on top of the plastic core to reveal the three snap fasteners for the reverse lock.

Reverse Lock Snap Fasteners

5) Insert a screwdriver and release the three snap fasteners.

6) Now the hard bit begins. Using the hacksaw cut into the plastic core and tear it off using the pliers and whatever other tools it takes. This is not as straight forward as it may seem. The plastic is tough and you should avoid cutting into the metal tube that the plastic core is fitted to. I cut the outer edges off first and removed the spring before tackling the centre of the plastic core. The pictures should demonstate what I mean.

The first cut

Cutting Plastic Core

You need to be brutal here

Removing Plastic Core

Getting there!

Off comes the spring

Spring Comes Off

Just the core left now.

Only the Inner Core Remains

Finally it's off!

Everything Removed


1) Apply plasters to your cut fingers and vacumn up the mess that has been left!

2) Clean the splines of the shaft with white spirit.

3) Lift the bottom of the gaiter up. This is held in place by four srung plastic clips. As I was replacing the gaiter frame I took a picture of just the frame in place to show the clips and their location.

Gaiter Removed

4) Refit the spring

Gaiter and Spring Reinstalled

5) Mix up some epoxy adhesive and apply it to the inside of the replacement knob

Epoxy Applied to Replacement Knob

6) The knob has a lip inside it. Push the knob onto the shaft, up to the lip, and rotate it to distribute the adhesive evenly.

7) Line up the number "4" on the knob with the "R" on the reverse lock actuator.

8) Lift up the reverse lock actuator so that the three catches fasten into the knob.

9) Lift up the bottom of the gaiter and press the knob down until the heel of the reverse lock actuator is level with the reverse lock stop.

Reverse Lock Actuator and Lock Stop

10) Ensure the "4" is still in line with "R"

4 Aligned With R on Reverse Lock

11) Refit the gaiter and leave the adhesive to harden.

Gaiter Refitted

12) Admire your new gearknob.