NG 900/9-3 Foglight Fix

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The stock foglamps on the NG 900 and 9-3 are vulnerable to rock and debris hits. The glass lens is not available by itself, and new units are quite expensive.



Stock fog lights are available for approximately $200 per unit.

Genuine Saab Projector

A projector version is sold by Genuine Saab for the '99-'02 9-3, excluding the Viggen. The price of a pair of these is roughly equivalent to the cost of a single stock lens, and the quality of light is likely better than that of the stock lights. This version is not DOT certified and may not be legal.


The glass lens is not available by itself, however, it can be easily and cheaply replaced using plexiglass or lexan. This repair is not DOT legal, but it is much cheaper than either of the replacement options. The use of plexiglass or lexan allows for the use of yellow material, should it be desired for foglights.


  • Scoring tool for cutting plexiglass or lexan
  • Knife


  • Solar grade lexan or plexiglass - 3/16" or 1/4" thickness
  • Clear silicone sealant


  1. Remove foglight(s) from car.
  2. Place foglights in oven on low heat for half an hour, or until thoroughly warmed. Warming the lights softens the glue holding the glass lenses in place and allows them to be removed more easily.
  3. Remove glass from housings.
  4. Score and snap lexan to shape.
    1. Some lamps have a hump in the reflector around the primary light which sticks up above the surface of the outer edges. If so, smaller pieces of lexan or plexiglass can be placed around edge of the housing in order to create clearance for the new lens.
  5. Lay thin strips around edge of housing and glue in place with silicone (if necessary to create clearance).
  6. Lay another thick bead of silicon around the edge of the light housing and put the new lens in place.
  7. Allow to dry overnight.
  8. Reinstall lights in car.