NG 900/9-3 Clearing Gutter Drain Hose

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A common problem with the NG900 is the carpet in the footwells becoming damp especially after a heavy rainstorm. This problem had me baffled for a while until a friend provided the answer. One reason for this is due to a drain tube being blocked with leaves and other debris causing water that runs off the windscreen into a gully below the plastic cover under the windscreen wiper mounting points backing up in heavy rain storms, running into the ventilation fan unit and eventually draining down through the heating vents into the footwells. The solution is to make sure that you regularly clean the drain hose out. Below are the instructions and pictures to allow you to find this hose and clear it out.


1) Open the bonnet/hood and look at the bulkhead/firewall in the centre near the top. You should see a rubber tube that projects from the bulkhead and then goes through a 90deg angle and points downwards. (Arrowed in picture).

Hose in Firewall

2) Remove it from the bulkhead by just pulling it away. It is held in by a lip (see below) and should come out easily.

Drain Hose

3) Clear out all the debris that has built up inside the hose.

4) Put a finger inside the hole that it has come out of (arrowed in picture) and clear out as much of the debris in there as you can.

Hole in Firewall

5) Refit the tube and that's all there is to it. Simple and cheap.