NG 900/9-3 Bleeding Sensonic Clutch System

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1. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the cap on the CA unit and check that the CA unit's worm gear is in the engaged position (position E). If it is not, rotate it to the engaged position using a torque wrench set for 20 Nm.

Ensure Wormgear is in Engaged Position

3. Bleed the system in the same way as an ordinary hydraulic system.

4. Connect the battery temporarily.

5. The gear lever should be in neutral. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and back to the OFF position again. Wait about four seconds. The clutch actuator unit should now have moved to the engaged position (position E). Repeat this procedure about 5 times to be sure that the system is properly bled.

6. Remove the battery.

7. Apply a torque wrench set at 20 Nm to the worm gear and turn it from the engaged position to the disengaged position and back to the engaged position again. If the system has been properly bled the worm gear should stop dead when the torque wrench is released, whatever its position.

Important: If the worm gear moves by itself to either of the end positions, this is an indication that air is present in the system. Bleeding of the system must then be carried out afresh.

8. Fit a new protective cover with sealant (Loctite thread locking adhesive 577, part No. 74 96 284). The cover must be completely watertight.

9. Refit the battery.

10. Drive the car on test, changing gear frequently, and adapt the slip point

Important: After work has been carried out on the clutch actuator unit, hydraulic system, clutch, etc., the clutch may exhibit a tendency to snatch. This should normally disappear after adaptation of the slip point.