NG 900/9-3 Air Vent Assembly

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Occasionally, when you remove the dashboard insert, the air vents can come apart, leaving you with a bewildering collection of small parts. This happened to me recently and after much trial and error, plus a few pointers from Stoo from Saabcentral, I managed to get them back together and working correctly. This is how I did it.


1) Gather together all the parts. For each vent there should be the main body, a baffle plate, two spring steel rods, two large cruciforms, two small cruciforms and two sets of four "waffles"

Air Vent Parts

2) Place the body of the vent face up on a surface.

Vent Body Face Up

3) Put the baffle plate into the body of the vent.

Baffle Plate in Body

4) Slot in the two steel rods.

Steel Rods Inserted

5) Then put the large cruciforms in place.

Cruciforms in Place

6) Followed by the small cruciforms.

Small Cruciforms in Place

7) Now comes the tricky part. Take the dashboard insert and place it face down. Place the 'waffles' in the vent recesses, making sure that they sit correctly over the prongs on the rear of the vent adjuster.

Waffles in Place in Dashboard Insert

8) Now you need to secure the 'waffles' in place, but in a way that is removable once the vent is reassembled. Tieing wire is ideal, but here I have used paper clips.

Waffles Secured

9) Now you can reassemble the air vent. Support one end and offer up the dash insert to the vent body. With the vent just seated in the recess but not clipped home fully, use a small screwdriver and a torch to check that the 'fins' on the back of the 'waffles' are lined up with the grooves on the small cruciform and clip the air vent in fully.