NG 900/9-3 Adaption of Slip Point for Sensonic Clutch

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A correctly adapted slip point is required for smooth starting and correct clutch engagement after a gear change.

It is extremely important to bleed the clutch properly before adapting the slip point.

Adapting Slip Point

  1. Drive the car for at least 4 minutes and change gear frequently. Do not switch off the engine.
  2. Stop the car and put the gear lever in neutral.
  3. Wait 20 seconds without touching the gear lever or accelerator.
  4. Engage 1st gear and drive the car a few metres.
  5. Repeat points 2-4 twice again.
  6. Take the car on a test drive.

If you are unable to get the slip point correct then you will need to take it to the main dealer so that they can use the Scan tool diagnostics instrument to check that the speed of the input shaft is 0 when the gear lever is in neutral. If the speed is not 0, the system must be bled again. It is not possible for the DIY'er to check this.