Last modified on 17 February 2010, at 00:46

NG 900/9-3 Adaptation of US Radio for European Reception


The frequency interval of FM stations in Europe is 100 kHz while in the United States it is 200 kHz. To receive all European radio stations on a US specification radio, it must be reset to European tuning mode.

Please note that if you change your radio's settings in this way you will lose any preset stations that you have saved.


US Radio Illustration

Turn the radio on before proceeding as follows:

1) Press the TUNE button in the middle and keep it depressed.

2) Push the VOL/ON button twice.

3) Release the TUNE button.

4) Check that the radio can receive stations at 100 kHz intervals, e.g. 97.2 - 97.3 - 97.4 and so on.

To revert to US tuning mode

Repeat points 1-3 and check that the radio can receive stations at 200 kHz intervals, e.g. 97.1 - 97.3 - 97.5 and so on.