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NG 900/9-3 AC Short Belt w/o Center Idler Pulley

If your A/C Pulley is screeching and you don't need your A/C and you prefer not to be stranded on the side of the road. Using a short belt will circumvent this failing component.

1. Get Short Belt

NAPA 25-060716 Dayco 5060715 / 6PK1815 Goodyear Gatorback Poly V Belt 4060715 Duralast 715K6

2. Take tension off the Tensioner Pulley with 1/2 Square Key Stock or 1/2 Socket Extension. (Don't smash the square or else).

3. Insert 6mm Allen Wrench.

4. Remove Air box Via 3 10mm bolt on the inner fender.

5. Remove Air box hose clamp. (Use a socket before you use a screwdriver and ruin the clamp)

6. Lift the Air Box from the side nearest to the Saab Cockpit.

7. Jack Car up from the Passenger Side.

8. Remove 17mm lugnuts (5x)

9. Remove Wheel and remove the upper access panel bolt (8mm)

10. Then the Lower access panel bolt (10mm)

11. Finally the Bottom of car access panel bolt (8mm)

12. Remove old belt (Cut and Pull if shredded if still intact remove carefully.

13. Spin each pulley and feel each for resistance or grinding. (replace as needed)

14. Clean Timing Cover

15. Bring the new belt up through the bottom.

15. Do the A/C, Crankshaft, Alternator first.

16. Then bring it to the idler pulley, tensioner, and power steering pump.

17. Put tension back on slowly after removing allen wrench.

18. Reassemble in reverse. (lugs are torque'd at 120lb/ft.)

Compressor Routing Diagram