99-90 Suspension upgrades

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Lowering kit

One popular suspension upgrade is lowering the car. This is done by replacing the original springs with shorter and stiffer
New Lesjöfors springs
springs. Lower springs will lower the cars center of mass. This in combination with stiffer springs will improve the cars handling. Another aspect is that the car will look "cooler" being lowered. The springs are said to lower the car 25mm according to new original springs.

The most used lowering kit for the 99 and 90 is the Lesjöfors/Kilen kit, which consists of two front and two rear springs. These springs were sold with a red coat earlier, but they're now being delivered but a black coat instead.

Note: The Lesjöfors lowering kit for the Saab 99 and 90 is the same as the one for the Saab og900, so the springs can be used on all of these.